Improve Your Sight While Biking

Wearing glasses is sometimes a hassle, especially when it comes to wearing sunglasses. You first have to take off your prescription glasses before you can wear your sunglasses. Except for having to then carry around two pairs of glasses for the rest of the day, once you take off your glasses, you’re as blind as a bat. When you hit the trails, the latter cannot be an issue at all. Having bifocal sunglasses can easily solve this problem as it serves both purposes. Polarized bifocal sunglasses are even better as they serve you with more protection when outdoors in direct sunlight.

Stylish, Yet Protective


There are many different types of polarized bifocal sunglasses on the market today and it is quite easy to get one you really like. Major sunglasses manufactures like Ray Ban and Oakley are making these sunglasses today, making them not only safe, but stylish as well.

Some might think that more protection means hideous sunglasses, but this aspect motivated brand manufacturers to start thinking more along the lines of a all-in-one pair. Today, because protecting your eyes from the glare and the sun’s rays like UVA, B and C, you do not need to worry about not feeling stylish while wearing 100% protective sunglasses.

Protection While Biking

No everyone realize the strength of the sun and just as you would protect your skin with sunscreen, you need to protect your eyes from the direct rays of the sun. Sunglasses are not just to protect your eyes when looking at the sun, it protects your eyes from any glare given off objects, sand, roads, water or snow. These glares can also damage your eyes and weaken your eyesight tremendously, leading to further damage in the future.

Hitting the biking trails means being in direct sunlight most of the day as you spend most of your time outdoors. Wearing sunglasses can also protect your eyes from dust particles and insects while driving. Some types of sunglasses blocks out the wind if you are traveling at a fast speed, protecting your eyes from drying out while riding.

Purchasing These Sunglasses

There are many local stores that sell these sunglasses, some that do not have the necessary protection. Most outdoor places that sell adventure sports gear such as game cameras/trail cameras, spotting scopes/hunting gear and running gear will stock the correct glasses you need. This is exactly why you should check if the sunglasses you purchase is approved by the Cancer Association. This will assure you that you have full protection at all times when wearing them. If a pair of Oakley’s or Ray Ban’s are a bit out of your price range, you can find second hand sunglasses online. Always make sure that you use a trusted website when dealing online and check if the sunglasses have the real polarization technique added to the lenses before your purchase.

It is important to purchase according to protection and where you intend to wear them. The skin of your eyelids are too thin to protect your eyes from the scorching rays of the sun, making it utterly important to get the right “strength protection” sunglasses. Do not get fooled by buying cheap sunglasses, thinking they have what it takes for protection. Trusted brands are the best way to go in any situation.