Garage Storage Racks For Your Outdoor Gear

When you’re searching for storage racks for your garage, you will likely come across many different styles and options. Being the adventurer and loving the outdoors, you have a lot of outdoor gear you might want to store in your garage, but do not have the space to do so. You want to store your bikes in an organized and safe manner, making sure that there is enough space for your car without damaging your bikes.

Different Types Of Racks

These bike racks comes in different sizes and are made for different purposes. Having a bike storage rack in your garage will prevent your car getting banged up from the bikes falling over. Overhead racks in your garage will enable you to hang up your bikes, making it easily accessible, but also be out of the way. I use these with my SUV as it gives enough space to store everything.


Overhead racks can also be useful for your other outdoor gear like kayaks. Put up more than one rack so your outdoor gear can stay organized and out of the way, giving you more space in your garage for your cars or anything else you would like to store.

The Mechanics Of These Racks

Ceiling or overhead racks or storage units come with mechanical lifting mechanisms. They lower to the floor, allowing you to easily pack them with everything you want to store, and raising it back up. This makes it simple to store away heavy and large objects without having to lift it overhead. Bikes are not that heavy to lift, but can still be difficult and can cause injuries if not hanged up properly. Kayaks for instance are a bit more heavy, making these lifting mechanisms the perfect option.

Organizing Your Gear On The Walls

You may also be interested in organizing all of your tools, sporting goods, car accessories and other household products. In this case, you may be looking into building shelves in your garage or a variety of other options that are available. For example, consider installing slat walls, which will make it easy to hang up your biking gear.

Plan Ahead

Potential storage options can be as simple or as complex and large as you desire. Therefore you will need to establish what kind of space you have to work with. If you have a small garage and you are still planning on keeping your vehicles in there, it won’t be feasible to add large cabinetry lining on the walls. However, if you are not sure how to organize your garage, you can ask the professionals to give you some advice and ideas.

As you can see, you certainly won’t be suffering from a lack of choices when you’re looking into garage storage racks. There are all kinds of storage systems available, so you need to evaluate your options carefully. Think about what you are looking to store, what kind of space you have to work with and how much you can afford to help make your decision as easy as possible.

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