Best Travel Workout Ideas

Tip #1) Book a hotel that has a gym – No matter where you are traveling to, you can probably find a hotel that has a gym in it. Sometimes the gym is free of charge for people who are staying at the hotel and other times there is a fee. Don’t forget to bring your work out clothing, sneakers, music, and head phones.

Tip #2) Bring your laptop and watch a work out DVD – The best part about work out DVDs is that they are designed to do in the comfort of your own home or in the backyard. Bringing your laptop with you allows you to pop in the tape and start moving. If you have a good pair of portable Bluetooth outdoor speakers then move your laptop or weatherproof entertainment system to the patio or poolside and enjoy your working up a sweat out in the open. A good work out for beginners is the Leslie Sansone Walk from home work outs. Despite the fact that this work out is meant for everyone, it’ll definitely still make you sweat.

Tip #3) Take a swim in the pool – A lot of hotels have an indoor or outdoor swimming pool. Taking an hour out of your day to go swimming can help you burn a couple of hundred calories. An added bonus of swimming is that it’s a low impact exercise. Make sure to get a hotel with a good washer and dryer as you will want to completely dry out your trunks before packing them away. Look for name brands such as Whirlpool or Kenmore as they are some of the best.

Tip #4) Jump rope – A piece of work out equipment that is extremely easy to move around is jump rope. It’s light weight and can provide you with a good cardio workout. Cardio is important for anyone who wants to burn calories and/or lose weight.

Tip #5) Know where you are going before you leave – It might be tempting to work out by walking around and exploring a new place. But you should take the time to know where you are going before you leave your hotel. Knowing where you are going and getting directions before you leave can keep you safe and prevent you from getting lost.

Tip #6) Find someone to work out with – If you are someone who is traveling for business, you should see if any of your coworkers plan on working out while you are away. Having someone to work out with can provide a lot of encouragement and motivation.

Tip #7) Thirty to sixty minutes a day – Even though you are traveling, you should still aim for 30-60 minutes worth of exercise a day. Exercising for at least thirty minutes ensures you that you have burned calories and gotten a heart healthy work out.

Tip #8) Work out on the day you travel – It is easy to miss a work out on the day you are traveling. But there are simple ways to burn calories while you are on the go. Using the stairs instead of taking the elevator can burn up to fifty calories. When you get to the hotel, you should park far away so you can take some extra steps. These small changes can make a huge difference when it comes to burning calories.

Tip #9) Chair work outs – A chair can be an effective tool for working out. You can give yourself a mini tummy tuck and improve your balance by sitting up straight in a chair and then lifting your legs upwards.

Tip #10) Go outside – One thing I always do is find a place close by to do an outside hike. Just in case I have some trouble with a wild animal or have to navigate through a river I always bring some type of diving knife with me in my pocket.

Whether you are going away for a day or a couple of weeks, traveling can have a negative impact on your workout routine. Bringing a pair of sneakers, taking the chairs instead of the elevator, and popping in an at-home work out DVD are simple ways to burn calories when you travel.